Why Choose Baolite Shoes

Passionate Sales Team

Our sales department is composed of a number of passionate sales and service personnel, they have more than three years of practical experience in shoe making major and know how to serve large multinational chain enterprises.

Efficient lean production line

Our company insists on equipment investment and improving the organic combination of people and equipment to enhance the comprehensive productivity, which is the fundamental idea of the company's manufacturing management.

Reliable QA system

Since 1999 for the first time through the ISO9000 quality assurance system certification, the company in accordance with the requirements of the international standardization of continuous improvement, has established a reliable quality assurance system.

Professional product development team

The company's product development center includes a group of more than 60 people of design experts and shoe master, currently serves WAL-MART, Carrefour, Payless and other well-known customers to provide quality product development services.

Advanced In-house Testing Center

The company introduced advanced testing equipment and set up an in-house testing center in accordance with international standards, to ensure that the quality of materials and finished products in line with the order requirements.

Solid Supply Chain

Over the past thirty years, the company uphold the "integrity, responsibility, pragmatic, innovative" business philosophy, brought together a large number of outstanding supplier resources in the industry, thereby ensuring the stable supply of the company's orders.

Feature Products


  • To celebrate the 40th anniversary of Reform and Opening, Wenling City staff Chorus Competition was jointly sponsored by Wenling Trade Union and Wenling Musicians Association with the theme of “China Dream With Labor Beauty” on Sept. 28th. As the first private joint-stock enterprise, Baolite is…

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